Our Mission

CampusAsyl is a Regensburg based organisation that aims to contribute to creating a diverse society. We want to promote equal participation for people of all backgrounds through both practical action and political positioning. In more than 20 groups offering a wide range of activities, people from different backgrounds – such as trainees, students, employees, pensioners and many others with and without experience of fleeing and migration from Regensburg’s society – can meet and get actively involved. We place great value on reflective action and incorporate academic findings into our work in cooperation with Regensburg’s universities. The participants and their involvement in the many groups are the heart of the organisation.

CampusAsyl brings together people with diverse motivations and experiences contributing to our joint work. This diversity shall be reflected at all levels of the organisation and is supported by a shared set of core values that shape our community at CampusAsyl. These core values are intended to create a framework for determining the organisation’s strategic alignment and giving shape to its groups, as well as providing individuals with orientation for their actions. These are the fundamental principles for everyone wishing to collectively make an impact in our organisation.

  • In the particular domains in which we have influence and responsibility, we strive to build a community in which everyone can participate equally. We wish to consciously compensate for inequitable starting conditions to the greatest extent possible.
  • We take care that the various encounters in the association are characterised by openness and the appreciation of individual diversity. We respect different opinions, as long as they are within the framework of our core values and within the legal definition of freedom of opinion. This means we do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, religion, background, sexual orientation, (physical) abilities, appearance, or any other characteristics.
  • We see our participation in CampusAsyl as a process of continual learning. All participants agree to reflect critically on their thoughts and actions and thus facilitate the continued growth and development of the community.
  • We fully acknowledge that all situations involving human interaction are complex and influenced by personal, cultural, structural and situational aspects.
  • We find it enriching that there are different motivations to get involved in CampusAsyl. However, we expect all participants to be willing to critically question their motivations regularly and to develop them further through mutual exchange.
  • In interaction with one another
    • …we deal with each other honestly and trustingly.
    • …we respect each other’s personal boundaries.
    • …we act responsibly and reliably.
    • …we meet each other openly and are able to take criticism.
    • …we are sensitive and empathetic in our personal dealings with each other.
    • …we help each other.