Women’s Empowerment

CampusAsyl has decided to dedicate itself to the women’s empowerment and the support of educational processes. In the following we will discuss these areas of focus in greater detail.

The social and professional empowerment of women is one of CampusAsyl’s major areas of focus.

Refugee women are especially at an especially high risk of discrimination and social disadvantage. As a result of social status, familial obligations, or strongly patriarchal socialization, refugee women often have limited access to language acquisition, education, social participation, or their contact to Germans is more restricted than their male counterparts.

CampusAsyl supports refugee women through projects which are specially designed to strengthen women’s self-efficacy and promote women’s equitable participation in community and social processes. The association takes on a number of issues, including women’s rights, equal treatment and nondiscrimination, domestic violence, health, work in the family, etc.

Our women’s empowerment programs include a women’s language course with child care, a regular women’s coffee hour, various sport projects, as well as the Intercultural Competency Course for Women (IKK).

The women’s tea hour offers a safe space where refugee women and their small children have the opportunity to talk and express themselves freely. It is an opportunity for women to discuss private or personal problems, practice German, or simply enjoy themselves in a pleasant atmosphere.

Additionally, we coordinate various sport activities, both exclusively for women, and for mixed groups. Refugee women can stay in shape and learn new skill in dance, swimming, yoga, and fitness.